The Good Samaritan Home Foundation

“Your will is a lengthened shadow of yourself… reflecting your love, your faith, your hopes, your aspirations for tomorrow. Let your shadow fall on the campus of The Good Samaritan Home.”

The Good Samaritan Home Foundation was established with the sole purpose of supporting the mission of The Good Samaritan Home. The Foundation is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization and gifts are tax deductible. We have been very blessed to be supported by such a generous community for 60 years. As we continue to grow and plan for the future, we hope to start separating our charitable contributions from our daily operational functions. Donations to the Foundation still benefit the home and our residents. A separate board will govern the Foundation as it works closely with the Home.

If you would like to support The Good Samaritan Home Foundation, click here to make a donation or send checks to 2130 Harrison made payable to the Good Samaritan Home Foundation.


Board of Directors

Mike Bickhaus, President
Todd Moore, Vice President
Bob Johnson, Secretary/Treasurer
Andrew Cashman
Lewin Davis
Bill Keller
Alok Patel
Randy Riley