Photo of Ron Fuller courtesy of his family.

Good Samaritan Home’s Annual Christmastime Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday, December 4 at 6:30 pm in the Wee Kirk Chapel. This service will celebrate the memory of those residents and cottagers who died in the last year. It is also open to anyone in the community who has a loved one they would like to remember, no matter where or when they died. Following a short time of worship to mark the hope and joy of the Advent and Christmas seasons, we will name those who have died and allow family and friends to place an ornament on the chapel Christmas tree. This year, our ornaments will be a little different than past years and will include a picture.


For our cottagers and residents: For each person who died while a member of our community, one ornament will be made at no cost with their picture and their name on it. We plan on using the pictures that were included in the obituaries. If you prefer a different picture to be on the ornament, please email it to by November 30. At the end of the service, family and friends can leave the ornament we provided on our tree or take it home at no cost. Additional ornaments can be ordered for a suggested donation of $5 each if requested by November 30.

Family and friends can bring their own ornament to the service if they prefer. Please make sure your loved one’s name is on the ornament. You can take your ornament with you after the service or leave it on the tree and then pick it up at our front desk the week of Jan. 7.

For employees and other community members: We will provide an ornament with your loved one’s name on it. Please call Chaplain James Riley at 217-223-2455 x4491 and slowly and clearly say and spell the name of your loved one. If you want a picture included on the ornament, please email a digital picture to by November 30th. If you wish to take the ornament, with or without a picture, with you at any time, we request a $5 donation if you can afford it.

Please share this news with other family and friends. No RSVP is needed. And be assured that we are willing to honor your loved one even if you and your family are unable to attend.

Our grief can feel out of place in a season that is so full of joys. My hope is that this service will help acknowledge your loss and grief even in the midst of the celebration of God’s gift.

-Chaplain James