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Get the latest news and views from Good Samaritan Home. We publish a weekly newsletter called the Patter that is distributed to all our residents and includes an activity calendar, latest news and more.

The Patter – November 28th

News & Views from Campus: November 28th – December 4th      Good Samaritan Spotlight LUCINDA SMITH – Social Service Aid -Tenure at Good Samaritan: 32 and ½ years! -Most rewarding part of her job: “My residents! They are what get me out of bed every morning! Spending time with them is what I live for!…

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At Good Samaritan Home, we strive to provide quality care in a luxurious and carefree setting. Special support services and amenities offer our residents perks they wouldn't normally get at home.

Bingo Activity


Our residents have the freedom to choose how they spend their day. We offer round the clock activities scheduled daily. Each neighborhood organizes special events for family members to come participate in as well.

Dining at Good Samaritan Home - Quincy IL


We strive to provide our residents with delicious, high-quality meals using the freshest ingredients possible. Three home-style meals are served daily in our main dining room and at all of the nursing neighborhoods.