May 2nd – May 8th, 2021

Fun Holidays and Factoids From This Week In History!

May 2nd, 1933 – Sightings of the famous Loch Ness Monster were first reported in Scotland’s Inverness Courier.

May 3rdWorld Press Freedom Day, a day to recognize the value of the freedom of the press and honor journalistic integrity across the world!

May 4th, 1919 – The first LEGAL Sunday baseball game happens in New York City, as 35,000 people watch the Phillies beat the Giants 4-3.

May 5th, 1862 – The Mexican Army defeats the French in The Battle of Puebla, signifying the defeat of a European Colonial Power. This battle was the root of the holiday Cinco De Mayo!

May 6th, 1915 – A left handed pitcher for the New York Yankees hit his first career home run. George Herman “Babe” Ruth was his name.

May 7thNational Day of Prayer, first established by the Continental Congress in 17175, is observed.

May 8th,1945 – V-E Day: The end of fighting in Europe during World War II.

Happy Birthday

Helen Slater                              05-02    Francis Youtzy              05-07

Thomas Pfaffe                          05-03    Katherine Hildebrand(E)05-07

Arlene Koch                              05-06   

Lucinda Smith (E)                       05/06

Alexis Dominguez (E)                05-06

Weekly Inspiration

“People will forget what you said, and forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

                                ~ Maya Angelou~

Prayer Request & Scripture


Isaiah 30:15

“In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust you shall find strength.”



Residents:  Eber Gardens

Staff:  Activities

Sally, Jessica B., Ashley, Sande, Sarah, Sydney, Tammy C., Micah, Jessica L., Rachel, Joe, Tammy K.

Activity Calendar

***All schedules are subject to suddenly change without notice***

Sunday, May 2

9:00      Worship – Channel 3

10:15    Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Service – Channel 3

1:00      Sande’s Fun Playlist  – Channel 3

2:00      Room To Room Trivia

Monday, May 3

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3

9:30       Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00     Music w/ Monique & Steven – Channel 3

11:00    Exercise – Channel 3

1:30       Rosary – Channel 3

2:00       Music w/ Avi – Chanel 3

Tuesday, May 4

9:00        Devotions – Channel 3

9:30        Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00      Glamour Shots

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3

1:00        Glamour Shots

Wednesday, May 5th

9:00        Devotions – Channel 3

9:30        Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00      Glamour Shots

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3

2:00        Virtual Entertainment – Channel 3

Thursday, May 6th

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3

9:30      Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00     Catholic Mass – Channel 3 & Social Room

10:30     Joe Chi – Channel 3

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:30       Glamour Shots

Friday, May 7th

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3

9:30      Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00     Music & Stories w/ Leanne & Luke – Chanel 3

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:30       Chair Yoga w/ Sheryl – Channel 3

Saturday, May 8th

8:30         Room To Room Cart

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3

1:00         Room To Room Cart

This and That

-Mama Mallard is back, along with her little ducklings (8 or 9 of them)! They can be seen waddling around the courtyard, and maintenance will get their pool out for them in the coming weeks. Be sure to catch a look!

-National Nursing Home week begins on May 9th, so be on the lookout for all sorts of fun dress-up days, games, and giveaways!

Good Samaritan Home of Quincy

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