News & Views from Campus: August 28th – September 3rd  

Notable “Holidays” Coming Up!

August 29th: International bat night. The only flying mammal in the world, they eat their body weight in bugs EVERY night, and there are over 1,400 species worldwide. Thanks, little guys!

September 1st: Emma M. Nutt Day. Emma was the first female telephone operator, way back in 1878 at the Boston Telephone dispatch Company.

September 2nd: VJ Day. On this day in 1945, Japan surrendered unconditionally to the Allies, effectively ending WWII. Japan’s formal surrender took place on the U.S.S. Missouri, anchored in Tokyo Bay. It came several months after the surrender of Germany.

September 3rd: International Bacon Day, something we can really sink our teeth into! American bacon is made from pork belly, while European and Canadian bacon is made with meat from the back of the animal, thus the difference.

Happy Birthday

June Nagy                                      08-28     Ruth Hoebing                09-01

Donald Chapman                           08-29     Eva White                      09-01

Shirley Dieringer                             08-30     Marissa Williams(E)      09-01

Rhea Wakefield(E)                         08-30     Richard Rose                09-02

Leo Welty                                       08-31     Tina Grimsley(E)           09-03

Suzanne Mittermeyer(E)                08-31     Avery Foster(E)             09-03

Weekly Inspiration

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”

~ Willy Wonka ~

Prayer Request & Scripture


Psalm 46:1

“God is our Refuge and Strength, a very present help in trouble.”


Residents:  Southern Court

Staff: Computer Tech & Mail Delivery

Corny Joke Alert!

What do you call a pig that does karate? A pork chop!

Activity Calendar

***All schedules are subject to change without notice***

Sunday, August 28th————————————————    

Salem EUCC Church Service and Our Redeemer Lutheran service available for individual viewings

9:00      Worship – Channel 3 & Chapel

1:00      Sunday Matinee: Vicky & Her Mystery – Channel 3

2:00      Table Games! – Social Room

Monday, August 29th———————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Kelly & Chase The Therapy Dog – Social Room

10:00     Tap Fitness – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:30       Rosary – Channel 3 & Social Room

2:00       LindiMoo Mooosic – Channel 3

6:30       Kennel Club Pet Visits – Social Room

Tuesday, August 30th———————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:00     Pound Class – Channel 3 & Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:00       Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site – Channel 3 & Social Room

2:00       Resident Council – Social Room

6:30       Micah’s Stewpot – Social Room

Wednesday, August 31st———————————————

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Grief Share – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:30       Tim Bealor Entertainer! – Channel 3 & Social Room

Thursday, September 1st———————————————–

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:00    Catholic Mass – Channel 3 & Chapel

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:30       Dominoes – Social Room

Friday, September 2nd—————————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Ozzie & Rocky – Social Room

10:00     Bingo – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:00       Space Jam – Channel 3

2:00       Country Classics! – Channel 3 & Social Room

Saturday, September 3rd————————————————–

Games, Cards, Etc. available in Bartley Family Room

10:00       David Damm – Channel 3 & Social Room

11:00       Exercise – Channel 3 Only

Good Samaritan Home of Quincy

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