News & Views from Campus: December 15 – December 21, 2019

Written by: Josh Vahle, Chaplain

 Who was the first person to recognize what Christmas was really all about?  Who was the first person to recognize who Jesus truly was and worship Him?  John the Baptist when he was a baby still in his mother Elizabeth’s womb!!!

“For behold, when the sound of your greeting came to my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy!”  (Luke 1:44)

The Holy Spirit will shine His spotlight on Jesus in each of our hearts too if we will let Him.  He is always seeking to put the focus back on Jesus: “He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you”  (John 16:14).

What are you living for this Christmas Season?  Where are you seeking to find your joy and happiness?  In the temporary, fleeting, pleasures, comforts, and possessions in this world?   Or in our Creator Himself who made us for Himself and came that first Christmas to be born as a baby, live a perfect life in our place, and die the death we deserve for our sins on the Cross, all because He loves us more than we realize…more than we can dream?

When Jesus was a grown man about 30 years old, he said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up.  Then in his joy, he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field” (Matthew 13:44).  Do you know that you are the treasure that was buried under your sin, hidden in a field of loneliness and darkness and separation from God?  Do you know that God sold everything He had, even His Only Son Jesus, so that He could buy you back?  Do you know that God did all this with Joy in His Heart because you are so valuable to Him?  If you answered yes to these three questions and believe this is true in your heart, then you know the true meaning of Christmas like John the Baptist did, and you will find eternal joy in God’s great gift of Jesus in the midst of a world distracted by lesser things that will all pass away.  Merry Christmas, in Jesus!!!

Activity Calendar

Sunday, December 15
  9:00 am: Worship Service: Chaplain Josh Vahle, Chapel
  2:00 pm: Steve Buckman, Social Room

Monday, December 16
  9:00 am: Devotions: Chaplain Josh Vahle, Chapel
  9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
  1:30 pm: Rosary, Chapel
  6:00 pm: St Dominic’s Daisy Troop Carolers
  6:30 pm: QKC Therapy Dogs

Tuesday, December 17
  9:00 am: Devotions: Rev Tony Metz, Chapel
  9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Music by Marvin Cook, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
  1:30 pm: St James, Our Redeemer & the Lutheran Church of St John
  2:45 pm: Bingo, Town Hall
  6:30 pm: Table Games-Youth Group, Town Hall

Wednesday, December 18
  9:00 am:  Aldi’s Shopping **
  9:00 am: Devotions: Rev Carol Stufflebeam, Chapel
  9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
  1:00 pm: Pony Tail Canasta, Knapheide Room 
  1:30 pm: Dominoes, Bartley Room
  2:00 pm: Flame & Embers, Social Room

 Thursday, December 19                                 
  9:00 am: Devotions: Pastor Tom Rains, Chapel
  9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Catholic Mass, Chapel
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
  2:00 pm: Mary Schaffer, Pianist, Social Room

Friday, December 20
Ugly Sweater Day
  9:00 am: Devotions: Chaplin Josh Vahle, Chapel
  9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
  2:45 pm: Bocephus Casey, Social Room
3:15 pm: Bingo with Girl Scouts, Social Room

Saturday, December 21
10:00 am: Cindy Vancil Dancers, Social Room
11:15 am: QCT Carolers, Chapel
  2:00 pm: Saturday Devotions, Chapel
  3:00 pm: Bingo, Social Room

  ** Please sign-up for this activity at the Front Desk

  All activities are subject to change. Games and cards are available for use anytime in the Bartley Family Room.

Ugly Sweater Day   It’s National Ugly Sweater Day on Friday, December 20. Show off your ugliest Christmas Sweater at the 2pm entertainment!

Cottagers : If you are wanting to use the shuttle service for the Christmas Eve lunch, please call Sarah Dolbeare by Monday, December 23rd.  Pickups @ CLE will start at 10:30 AM, then Main Campus after that.

Annual Christmas Eve Service will be Tuesday, December 24th at  9:00 am in the Chapel.

Birthday Thank You
  What a wonderful 95th Birthday Party with a BIG THANKS
to all of you who came.  Also, thanks for the cards, gifts, and for making me feel loved.  God Bless you all.  An EXTRA thanks to Sally and the staff.                                                   ~ Agnes Vahle ~

Weekly Inspiration
Goals may give focus, but dreams give power. ~ John Maxwell

Prayer Request & Scripture

SCRIPTURE OF THE WEEK      Luke 1:78-79
 “Because of the tender mercy of our God whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high, to give light to those who keep sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.” 

Residents:  Anna Brown Vista
Staff:  MAINTENANCE Jerry, Andrew, Bob, Chris, David, Jake, Joe, Junior, Bill, KJ, Paul, Roger, Terry

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