News & Views from Campus: January 8th – January 14th  

The NEW “Illinois Stories”

-Mark McDonald has hosted over 1,200 episodes of the very popular “Illinois Stories” series on PBS. The station recently cancelled the show, but Mark found his footing and the show has been revived as “Muddy River Gems”. Their second ever episode was shot here at Good Samaritan Home and featured our very own Toby Elsenpeter and his remarkable life and career as a popular local television star (Possum Holler Opry) & traveling entertainer and marionette. Join us in the Social Room on Monday, January 9th at 2:30pm as we screen this episode and celebrate the career of our very own celebrity!

Mystery Meal Time!

-Mystery Meal returns again next week on Wednesday the 11th and Thursday the 12th at 10:30am at the front entrance. Remember, you must contact Sally and sign up to go by calling extension 4227! The only cost to you is the price of your meal. Don’t forget, this outing is open to resident and cottagers alike, so make a plan, contact Sally, and come enjoy a great mystery meal!

Happy Birthday

Nick Webster(E)                                1-8             Judy Gillette                  1-13

Shirley Vogel                                     1-8             Minnie Jo Glisan            1-13

Annie Hildebrand(E)                          1-9             Edwina Kelly                 1-14

Alex Knutelski(E)                               1-9            

Daniel Price(E)                                  1-9              

Cecil Moore                                       1-10            

Lawrence Flowerree                          1-11          

Lea Foster                                         1-11                                  

Weekly Inspiration

“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

~ Carl Bard ~

Prayer Request & Scripture


Galatians 5:22

“But the fruit of The spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.”



Matt, Aaron, Barb, Elisha

Bad Dad Jokes by Nathan

-What do you get from a pampered cow? Spoiled Milk!

-What did the pig say when it got too hot outside? I’m bacon out here!

-Why did the Oreo go to the dentist? He lost his filling!

Activity Calendar Games, Cards, Etc. available in Bartley Family Room

***All schedules are subject to change without notice***

Sunday, January 8th————————————————    

Salem Church Service & Our Redeemer Lutheran service available for individual viewings

9:00       Worship – Channel 3 & Chapel

1:00       Sunday Matinee: Walk. Ride. Rodeo. – Channel 3

2:00       Trivia Surprise – Eastbrook Lane

Monday, January 9th———————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:45       Chair Zumba – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:30       Rosary – Channel 3 & Chape

2:00       Muddy River Gems featuring Toby Elsenpeter – Channel 3 & Social Room

2:30       Lindimoo Moosic – Channel 3

Tuesday, January 10th———————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:45       Pound Class – Channel 3 & Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:00       African Burial Grounds National Monument; Manhattan – Channel 3 & Social Room

6:30       Noodleball – Social Room

Wednesday, January 11th———————————————

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:45       Bible Study with Chaplain Josh – Social Room

10:30     Mystery Meal – Front Entrance

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:00       Wish Dragon – Channel 3

1:30       Crafts – Town Hall

6:30       Uno! – Social Room

Thursday, January 12th———————————————–

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:00    Catholic Mass – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:30     Mystery Meal – Front Entrance

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3

1:00       Woman In Gold – Channel 3

1:30       Dominoes – Social Room

Friday, January 13th—————————————————-

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Ozzie & Rocky – Social Room

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:00       Feel The Beat – Channel 3

2:00       Bingo – Social Room

January 14th————————————————–

10:00       Bingo – Anna Brown

11:00       Exercise – Channel 3 Only

1:00         Matilda: The Musical – Channel 3

2:00         Bingo – Southern Court

Good Samaritan Home of Quincy

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