News & Views from Campus: July 14-20, 2019

Importance of Optimism

Having a “glass half full” approach to life has long been considered important for overall wellness. Humana recently surveyed 2,000 people aged 60 and over, and found that 87 percent of seniors who identify themselves as “most optimistic” reported their health as good to excellent. This is compared to 44 percent for those who said they’re “least optimistic.”

Seniors who rated themselves as most optimistic also reported positively on other attributes linked to health, including sleep, confidence and overall happiness.

Despite these impressive numbers, having an optimistic mindset is often easier said than done. Here are some tips on staying optimistic:

Engage with your healthcare team and build a trusting relationship.

Find a higher purpose that makes you excited to get up in the morning. 

Remain socially engaged, not isolated, and nurture close relationships. 

Stay active and remember that physical activity is important. 

Find something that’s right for you and that you like to do. 

Practice gratitude and make it a habit to look for and appreciate everything you’re thankful for in life.

Activities Calendar

Sunday, July 14
9:00 am: Worship Service: Rev. Larry Wentzel, Chapel
2:00 pm: Drumming Circle, Social Room

Monday, July 15
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. William Hutson, Chapel
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:15 pm: Dollar Tree Shopping**
1:30 pm: Rosary, Chapel
6:30 pm: Quincy Kennel Club Therapy Dogs, Social Room

Tuesday, July 16 – Popcorn Day!
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Tony Metz (Luther Memorial Church), Chapel
9:30 am: County Market Shopping**
9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Country & Gospel Music by Marvin Cook, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
12:30 pm: YMCA Summer Day Camp, Social Room
1:30 pm: St. James, Our Redeemer & the Lutheran Church of St. John Communion, Chapel
2:45 pm: Bingo, Town Hall
6:30 pm: Roll Double Game, Social Room

Wednesday, July 17
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Carol Stufflebeam (Union United Methodist Church), Chapel
9:00 am: Hy-Vee Shopping**
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:00 pm: Pony Tail Canasta, Knapheide Room
1:30 pm: Dominoes, Bartley Room
1:30 pm: Chair Yoga, Town Hall
2:00 pm: Flame & Embers, Social Room
6:45 pm: QCT Bye Bye Birdie**

Thursday, July 18
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Tim White (Trinity United Church of Christ), Chapel
9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Catholic Mass, Chapel
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:15 pm: Aldi’s Shopping**
2:00 pm: Joe Chi, Social Room

Friday, July 19
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Joshua Hall (Faith Presbyterian Church), Chapel
9:30 am: J.C. Penney Shopping**
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
2:45 pm: Bingo, Social Room

Saturday, July 20
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
2:00 pm: Saturday Devotions, Chapel
3:00 pm: Bingo, Social Room

** Please sign-up for this activity at the Front Desk
All activities are subject to change. Games and cards are available for use anytime in the Bartley Room.

Prayer Request & Scripture

This week we are praying for the residents in Anna Brown Vista and for our Community Healthcare Providers. 

Our Scripture of the Week is Psalm 19:14: “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sigh, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.”

BBB Presentation

Don’t let scams catch you off guard! Every day scammers find more creative ways to take your money and destroy your peace of mind. Don’t be caught off guard and fall prey to these criminals. 

Better Business Bureau Regional Director Mara Clingingsmith will discuss the latest scams targeting older adults in a seminar on July 25 at 6:30 pm. The public is invited to attend. Mark your calendars!

Good Samaritan Home of Quincy

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