News & Views from Campus: June 2-8, 2019

Quarterly Memorial Service

Written by: Chaplain James Riley, Director of Pastoral Services

One way of stating Good Samaritan Home’s purpose is that we help people to live as fully as possible in their senior years: our focus is on life! However, we also acknowledge that death is one fact of life. 

Every quarter, we set aside a time to remember those in our community who died. Our next Quarterly Memorial Service will be held on Tuesday June 4th at 6:30pm in the Wee Kirk Chapel. 

This simple service is also designed to encourage family members to return to their loved one’s last place of residence and to reflect on how their grief has changed since the time their loved ones first died. We thank God for their life and influence and seek God’s help in moving forward in our lives as we carry their memories with us. All are invited to join us!

Activities Calendar

Sunday, June 2
9:00 am: Worship Service: Chaplain James Riley, Chapel
2:00 pm: Garbage Cards, Southern Court

Monday, June 3
9:00 am: Devotions: Chaplain James Riley, Chapel
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:15 pm: Wal-mart Shopping**
1:30 pm: Rosary, Chapel
6:30 pm: Luau Bingo with LifePoint Church, Social Room

Tuesday, June 4
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Henry Pratt, Chapel
9:30 am: County Market Shopping**
9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Happy Wanderer’s, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:30 pm: One Country Gent, Social Room
2:45 pm: Bingo, Town Hall
6:30 pm: Memorial Service, Chapel

Wednesday, June 5
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Gayle Pope, Chapel
9:00 am: Hy-vee Shopping**
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:00 pm: Pony Tail Canasta, Knapheide Room
1:00 pm: Foose Sing-a-long, Foose Center
1:30 pm: Dominoes, Bartley Room
1:30 pm: Chair Yoga, Social Room
2:00 pm: Musician Dennis Benjamin, Social Room

Thursday, June 6
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Mike Duffy, Chapel
9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Catholic Mass, Chapel
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:15 pm: Aldi’s Shopping**
2:00 pm: Joe Chi, Social Room
6:00 pm: Quincy Conservatory Spring Musicale, Social Room
A Memorial Scholarship competition by the Quincy Conservatory of Music

Friday, June 7
9:00 am: Devotions: Chaplain James Riley, Chapel
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
10:30 am: Lunch Outing to Fuji**
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
2:45 pm: Bingo, Social Room

Saturday, June 8
10:00 am: Musician David Damm, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room

** Please sign-up for this activity at the Front Desk
All activities are subject to change. Games and cards are available for use anytime in the Bartley Room.

Prayer Request & Scripture

This week we are praying for the residents in McReynolds Center and all the Volunteers. 

Our Scripture of the Week is Psalm 12:6-7 (The Message): “God’s words are pure words, pure silver words refined seven times in the fires of his word-kiln, pure on earth as well as in heaven.”

Weekly Inspiration

One Sunday afternoon, a cranky man was visiting his family. As he lay down to take a nap, his grandson decided to have a little fun by putting Limburger cheese on Grandfather’s mustache. Soon, grandpa awoke with a snort and charged out of the bedroom saying, “This room stinks.” Through the house he went, finding every room smelling the same. Desperately he made his way outside only to find that “The whole world stinks!”

So it is when we fill our minds with negativism. Everything we experience and everybody we encounter will carry the scent we hold in our mind. Wise men and philosophers throughout the ages have disagreed on many things, but many are in unanimous agreement on one point: “We become what we think about.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius put it this way: “A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.” In the Bible we find: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

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