News & Views from Campus: May 5-11, 2019

Being a Nurse Means…

You will never be bored.
You will always be frustrated.
You will be surrounded by challenges, 
so much to do and so little time.
You will carry immense responsibility
and very little authority.
You will step into people’s lives
and you will make a difference.
Some will bless you.
Some will curse you.
You will see people at their worst-
And at their best.
You will never cease to be amazed
at peoples capacity for
love, courage, and endurance. 
You will experience resounding triumphs
And devastating failures.
You will cry a lot.
You will laugh a lot. 
You will know what it is to be human
and to be humane.

By: Melodie Chenevert

This week we want to recognize the dedicated and hard-working nurses during National Nurses Week. You may recognize some of them as the person who gives you medications or bandages a wound. Others are behind the scenes working to make sure things run smoothly. All of our nurses put their heart and soul into their work. We truly appreciate all they do to make Good Sam a loving home for all of our residents. 

Activities Calendar

Sunday, May 5
9:00 am: Worship Service: Chaplain James Riley, Chapel
2:00 pm: Service Project – Dog Treats, Southern Court

Monday, May 6
9:00 am: Devotions: The Crossing, Chapel
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:15 pm: Wal-mart Shopping**
1:30 pm: Rosary, Chapel
6:30 pm: Bingo, Social Room

Tuesday, May 7
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Henry Pratt, Chapel
9:30 am: County Market Shopping**
9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Unique Harmony
Transitions and The Crossing are partnering to bring us this musical group that will perform spring and patriotic music.
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:30 pm: One Country Gent, Social Room
2:45 pm: Bingo, Town Hall
6:30 pm: Quincy Concert Band Low Brass Ensemble, Social Room

Wednesday, May 8
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Jason Sommerfeldt, Chapel
9:00 am: Hy-vee Shopping**
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
1:00 pm: Pony Tail Canasta, Knapheide Room
1:15 pm: Digital Disciples, Board Room
Need help with your electronic mobile device? Come visit the Digital Disciples!
1:30 pm: Dominoes, Bartley Room
1:30 pm: Chair Yoga, Social Room

Thursday, May 9
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Mike Duffy, Chapel
9:30 am: Coffee Hour, Bartley Room
10:00 am: Catholic Mass, Chapel
10:30 am: Mystery Meal**
Sign-up to go to a mystery destination for lunch! Cost is the price of your meal.
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
2:00 pm: Hymn Sing with Linda, Social Room
6:45 pm: QCT You Can’t Take It With You

Friday, May 10
9:00 am: Devotions: Rev. Kyle Frink, Chapel
9:30 am: Towel Folding, Social Room
10:30 am: Mystery Meal**
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room
2:00 pm: Volunteer Voices, Social Room
2:45 pm: Bingo, Social Room

Saturday, May 11
10:00 am: Musician David Damm, Social Room
11:30 am: Exercise, Social Room

** Please sign-up for this activity at the Front Desk
All activities are subject to change. Games and cards are available for use anytime in the Bartley Room.

Prayer Request & Scripture

This week we are praying for the residents in Anna Brown Vista and the Maintenance staff. 

Our Scripture of the Week is Psalm 4:6-8 (The Message): “Why is everyone hungry for more? “More, more,” they say. “More, more.” I have God’s more-than-enough, more joy in one ordinary day than they get in all their shopping sprees. At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep, for you, God, have put my life back together.”

General Store Specials

Ice Cream Special: Mint Chocolate Chip
Just 25 cents per dip!

Visit the General Store for chips, cookies, soda, candy bars, ice cream, and more!

Food Drive with Golden Bridges

From May 1-17, we will be collecting food for local food pantries, including Horizons and the Quincy Neighborhood Federation. If you would like to donate nonperishable food items, there is a box at the front desk!

National Nursing Home Week

Next week (May 12-18) will be National Nursing Home Week! Look out for special events throughout the week including our Mother’s Day Teas, Century Club, and Volunteer Appreciation!

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