News & Views from Campus: September 12th – September 18th

On This Day in History…

September 12th, 1953: John F. Kennedy marries Jacqueline Bouvier in Newport, R.I. & years later they would become the youngest President & First Lady in American history.

September 13th, 2004: Oprah Winfrey gives a brand-new Pontiac G-6 sedan to all 276 audience members on live TV.

September 14th, 1814: Francis Scott Key pens a poem which is later set to music and in 1931 becomes America’s National Anthem.

September 15th, 1962: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons score their first of three consecutive #1 hits with the song “Sherry”.

September 16th, 1845: Phineas Wilcox is stabbed to death by fellow members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Nauvoo, IL, because he is believed to be a Christian spy.

September 17th, 1862: Confederate & Union Troops in the Civil War clash at Antietam Creek in the bloodiest single day in American military history.

 September 18th, 1793: George Washington lays the cornerstone to the U.S. Capitol Building.  

Happy Birthday

Donna Milgrim                             09-12

Anita Gallaher(E)                         09-12

Julie Landon Bundy(E)                09-14

Christine Smith(E)                        09-17

Weekly Inspiration

“It is better to travel well, than just to arrive.”

~ Buddha ~

Prayer Request & Scripture


Galatians 5:22

“But the fruit of The Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, and self-control.”



Residents:  Eastbrook Lane

Staff:  Accounting – Matt, Allie, Aaron, Barb, Brenda, Christine, Elisha

Activity Calendar

***All schedules are subject to suddenly change without notice***

Sunday, September 12th     

Salem EUCC Church Service available for individual viewings

9:00      Worship – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:15    Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Service – Channel 3

2:00      Sunday Matinee (Channel 3)

2:00      Uno – Social Room

Monday, September 13th  

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

9:30       Quincy Public Library Book Mobile – Social Room

11:00    Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:30       Rosary – Channel 3

6:30       Dominoes – Social Room

Tuesday, September 14th   

9:00        Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30        Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00      Happy Wanderer’s  – Channel 3 & Social Room

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

1:00        SLN-Smithsonian Portrait Gallery – Channel 3

2:00        Pound Class – Social Room

3:00        Chair Yoga – Channel 3

Wednesday, September 15th  

9:00        Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30        Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00      Virtual Entertainment: Bill Monroe– Channel 3

11:00      Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

6:30        Candy Bar Bingo with LifePoint Church – Social Room

Thursday, September 16th     

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

10:00     Catholic Mass – Channel 3 & Chapel

10:30     Joe Chi – Channel 3

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

Friday, September 17th

9:00       Devotions – Channel 3 & Chapel

9:30       Mindful Meditations – Channel 3

11:00     Exercise – Channel 3 & Social Room

2:00       Bingo – Social Room

Saturday, September 18th   

All Day   Games, Cards, Etc. are available for use in Bartley Room

11:00       Exercise – Channel 3 Only

11:00       McReynolds iPad games

2:00         Bingo – Social Room

-Ice Cream Special in the General Store, Chocolate Chip!

-Starting Soon! Two new, fun exercise classes! One featuring weights (we will start small) and one is a seated tap dancing class. If you are interested, let your local activity staff know. Watch The Patter for more details to come!

The Patter Riddle of the Week

-What kind of Apple has a short temper??

Last weeks riddle and answer.

-What is white when its dirty??

Answer: A blackboard!   

Good Samaritan Home of Quincy

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